tingting0810: Grind WOW Gold with Priest

Grind WOW Gold with Priest

Aug 12, 10 at 02:37
Grind WOW Gold with Priest

Without doubt, Priest is not the best wow gold grinders around, but given the right spec and if you know where to grind, you can fare off pretty well. As a Priest, even a shadow Priest, you would have to struggle to earn your money and repair costs from instances and raids forced many priests to buy wow gold, simply because it was the only way to keep them going in the game.

Fortunately, The Burning Crusade brought a lot of grinding advantages for Priests and despite the fact that you'll still be pulling your hair out if you try to grind world of warcraft gold with a holy spec world of warcraft gold, at least the discipline and shadow specs work quite nicely in particular the latter when it comes to grinding.

When you're off to grind wow gold with your Priest, put on the best damage gear you have but don't cut down on your stats too hard if you have a choice. There's an exception though wow power leveling. As usual, spirit is the most important stat for Priest but for wow gold grinders, in fact it is not that important since you are stacked up on Mage water or inner water.

Just as spirit, intellect and stamina are quite important as well, since intellect will determine the depth of your mana pool and your critical hit chance whereas stamina will give you a higher health pool that can keep you alive in some intense grinding situations buy wow gold. The equation is like this when grinding for wow gold as a Priest: spell damage, intellect, stamina, spirit. Why intellect over stamina? Because a Priest's life is his mana pool and whereas you can survive with low HP but a lot of mana, you won't be able to do so if you have full HP but no mana.

Mobs have a higher resistance to shadow, but there are several good grinding spots have mobs which make Priest less good at grinding gold from those places when compared to other classes. Those are good areas for Priest like Zangarmarsh. Let's take a look at it.

Although motes of life are not as expensive as motes of fire, air or mana, they're very easy to get in the Dead Mire, since the mobs there are low level and are not very dangerous cheap wow gold. We found it best to AOE grind with a Power Infusion + Holy Nova discipline/holy spec, but gathering them up and DoTing should work. This is definitely one of the easiest sources of World of Warcraft gold you'll get as a Priest.

As a shadow Priest, Damage over Timing, Blasting and Crowd Controlling are your main wow gold grinding techniques, which mean that you will have to gather up several mobs, put Shadow Word Pain on each of them and then fear. While they are feared, shield yourself and pick a target to blast cheap wow gold. When that target is dead, the other four mobs will already have suffered some damage from your Shadow Word Pain, making it easier for you to blast the next target and so forth.

No matter what will happen, only you follow the instructions you know in your mind, you can grind more wow gold with your Priest. Good luck!


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