slot to strengthen the wood flooring

slot to strengthen the wood flooring


Aug 11, 17 at 13:22
Dewey "Dewey NCD no-angle processing technology", using 12mmV slot to strengthen the wood flooring, closer to the solid wood flooring, but also to the consumer more benefits: the increase in the thickness of the board with the use of new technology, not only to extend The floor of the service life.
and the appearance of more aesthetic, foot feel more comfortable. Experts suggest that laminate flooring will enter the "thick" modernism.Respect for independent intellectual property rights Casting flooring industry core competencies Dewey "Dewey NCD no corner processing technology" debut capital - April 26 when the seventh World Intellectual Property Day.
However, the voice of dissonance sounded: Recently, the US government announced that China's infringement and restrictions on US film, music, book sales, is to submit complaints to the WTO documents, which undoubtedly exposed the domestic enterprises on intellectual property in the sense of The missing.
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